June 11, 2021


Summer Vehicle Maintenance | Service Center In Wexford, PA




Summertime has rolled around again which means time for road trips! But, before you get behind the wheel and drive to your destination, the Jim Shorkey team wants to make sure your vehicle is properly prepared to hit the road. The Jim Shorkey Kia technicians are well prepared to service all used and new vehicles in the Wexford and Pittsburgh area! Our team has written out the best tips and tricks to prepare yourself and your vehicle for a smooth ride. Follow these summer road trip tips, and enjoy a wonderful road trip.


Make Sure Fluids Are At An Optimal Level | Oil Change In Wexford, PA



To ensure smooth sailing for your trip, you should check the fluids in your vehicle to assure they’re at a proper level (especially when the weather is warmer). Keeping your fluids relatively new and freshly flushed is a good idea for keeping your vehicle nice and cool. Fluids that should be checked are:

  • - Coolant Levels
  • - Motor Oil
  • - Brake Fluids
  • - Transmission Fluids
  • - Windshield Wiper Fluids

Checking these fluids on your own can be a somewhat complex process. No worries! The highly-knowledgeable technicians at Jim Shorkey can check your vehicle’s fluid level easily, and fill them to the proper levels. Schedule service in our Wexford service center for assistance.

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Brakes Are Working | Brake Repair In Pittsburgh, PA

When driving on the road you can not control how others drive, but you can control your reactions to their driving. This is where your brakes come in. To assure optimum safety for you and your passengers, properly working brakes are vital to your vehicle. If you hear a high pitch squealing coming from your vehicle when pressure is applied to the brake pads, it is vital they be looked at.



It is preferred to get your brake pads inspected by a mechanic if possible. Our Jim Shorkey Kia technicians will service your vehicle’s brakes by checking brake fluids, brake pads for wearing, and rotors to see if they are torn or warped. Schedule brake service with one of our Kia-trained technicians today.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is well-stocked with items you may need incase of an emergency. Packing a first aid kit is highly recommended. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road, lacking the resources you need. This kit may include:

Spare batteries


Phone charger or spare phone battery


A set of jumper cables


A jug of water to keep you hydrated on long car rides

Non-perishable food items


A proper first-aid kit 


Basic tools such as a wrench and screwdriver


A spare tire 


Duct tape



Tire sealant incase tire can not remain inflated 




Spare blankets


Spare towels and/or rags

Schedule Summer Maintenance | Service Center In Pittsburgh, PA

Don’t feel like servicing your vehicle alone? Need assistance in the summer maintenance process? Vehicle maintenance is a breeze when you bring your car to our Jim Shorkey Kia of Wexford dealership, and have our skilled lineup of technicians assist your vehicle! Safety is and always will be our team’s number one priority. Our Kia dealership ensures the perfect maintenance, for an easy and safe summer season! We will also ensure that your vehicle is updated with any safety recalls and service campaigns.



Schedule your service at Jim Shorkey Kia of Wexford today! We service the Wexford, Cranberry, Pittsburgh and surrounding Western PA areas!

June 18, 2021
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