Our Jim Shorkey Kia Technicians Have 3 Preventative Maintenance Tips For You

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Jim Shorkey Kia is proud to bring our customers the automotive service of our on-site Kia service department near Cranberry Township.  The well-trained and Kia certified technicians on our Pittsburgh vehicle service team, are here to handle any care need from regular automotive maintenance, to vehicle model recalls, or simple routine checks and repairs.


Our skilled Jim Shorkey Kia of Wexford automotive technicians have created a list of 3 preventative maintenance tips you can follow. These can assist you in saving extra visits to your local car repair shop. No job is too big or small for our Kia service department near Pittsburgh to handle. Call today to schedule your service appointment and feel the customer service difference from Jim Shorkey Kia.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure

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Driving on deflated tires can be extremely dangerous. All tires eventually need to be replaced. To ensure safety, you should check your tire pressure as well as rotate your vehicle's tires. This service is offered at our Pittsburgh Automotive dealership and service center. We'll let you know when you need new ones. If you're thinking of going to a big box store for your tire needs, you may want to think again. At Jim Shorkey Kia Wexford our Kia experts help make your tire replacement easy, convenient, cost-effective, and specific to your needs. Looking for specific parts and accessories at a Kia dealer near me? View our Jim Shorkey Kia parts and merchandise carried in our stores near Cranberry Township.

2. Listen to Your Car's Brakes

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If you hear a high pitch screech sound coming from your brakes, this is an indication of needed vehicle service. There are a number of components to brake systems, and our experienced team at the service center will be able to inspect your vehicle's pads, rotors, shoes and other automotive parts. Our skilled Vehicle technicians in Pittsburgh will recommend only the Kia brake service that you actually need! Our Kia dealer service center will also cross-reference your cars mileage to ensure that your vehicle is up to expected maintenance intervals.

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3. Replace Your Car's Wipers

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Wondering how to know it is time to get your vehicle's wipers replaced in Pittsburgh, PA? You'll know it's time to replace your car's wiper blades when you see these signs of wear:

  • Cracked, split, torn, brittle, worn
  • Chatter, streak, or fail to wipe cleanly


Wiper blades tend to wear evenly, so even if only one blade appears worn, the other isn't far behind. You should replace both wiper blades at the same time. Our Pittsburgh Kia dealerships parts center offers Kia parts and merchandise carried in our stores. 

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March 27, 2022
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