You have enough going on without having to worry about spending an entire day at the dealership. That’s why Jim Shorkey’s team in Wexford offers fast Kia auto service in less than one hour for many of the most common maintenance needs of owners. So whether you’re considering the latest 2020 Kia Rio or have already purchased an outstanding older model, you can be sure that you will be back on the road before you know it.


Common Needs We Cover with No Appointment

Most people who are looking for dealership service either see a warning light pop up or know that they are due for an oil change. It’s important to make sure that the lubricant is fresh as it can hamper both performance and fuel economy while eventually causing damage to the engine. But, in addition to a Genuine Kia oil and filter change, our 60-minute-or-less service also includes:

  1. Tire rotation - this ensures that in many front-wheel cars and SUVs, wear is even among the four tires. This maximizes the life of your investment and combined with the next step, can help predict future issues if any occur.
  2. Multi-point inspection - Our certified technicians have been trained in and have the experience with literally hundreds of new and recent Kia vehicles. They will look at parts that can wear down, like belts and bushings, as well as fluids and other points of interest on your vehicle.
  3. Battery test - Whether temperatures are close to 90 degrees or hovering around freezing, massive changes in climate can lead to terrible stresses on car batteries. Our complimentary test ensures that your Kia will start when you need it to, every time, or point you towards getting a new battery.



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We can guarantee service in sixty minutes or less once we begin working on your vehicle at Jim Shorkey Kia in Wexford. If you are worried or want extra peace of mind, you can also schedule an appointment using our easy form to ensure that you have a slot. We look forward to ensuring your car or SUV is in tip-top shape.