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Eco-friendly Kia Vehicles | new offers on Kia vehicles in Wexford, PA

The creators at Kia prioritize making a cleaner environment for our families, friends, and planet. How are they doing this? By providing safer, fuel efficient, alternative fuel vehicles.

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Can Cars really Give Off Pollution? | Alternative Fuel Kia Vehicles in wexford, pa

As long as humans have been driving cars, we’ve relied on the power of gasoline and diesel to get us to our destinations safely. As soon as a vehicle is sold or driven for a test drive, they affect the environment.  



Car pollution is one of the leading causes of global warming to date! As they are driven our cars, trucks, and SUVs emit carbon dioxide as well as other various greenhouse gases into the air.  These side by side greenhouse gases trap heat into the air as they are used, causing external temperatures to elevate worldwide. this is why the makers at Kia are comparing all your cars side by side and creating environmentally friendly cars such as their hybrid kia vehicles! View prices changes, new offers and leasing options to purchase a new Kia vehicle in Pittsburgh!

What Is Alternative Fuel? | test drive new and used cars at our wexford Kia dealership

Alternative fuels, also known as advanced fuels are any fuels or substances other than gasoline that can be used to power motor vehicles, such as your Kia vehicles.  Some examples of alternative fuels include:


Electricity: This is produced domestically and is powered by natural gases, coal, and renewable resources. Compare all electric cars with o of our Kia associates.


Ethanol: This can be produced from crops such as corn, sugar, and cereal grains. View side by side research on Kia hybrid vehicles in wexford.


Hydrogen: Fossil fuels and renewable resources such as coal, water, waste, and natural gas help produce hydrogen. Test drive Kia vehicles in Wexford, today.


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Niro Plug-in Hybrid | compare and test Kia vehicles in Pittsburgh

How can you best improve the pollution crisis? By purchasing Alternative Fuel Kia vehicles! Kia has the best new offers for the best price on the new 2022 Niro Plug-in Hybrid! Compare competitors reviews side by side. This Kia vehicle has a 4.6 KBB Review and ranks the HIGHEST for Kia Vehicle Dependability according to J.D. Power. 

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Help The Environment With a Hybrid Kia Vehicle | price changes and new offers on kia vehicles in pittsburgh, pa

Compare all your hybrid car options beofre your dream vehicle is sold!  Our skilled Jim Shorkey Kia of Wexford team is here to assist you with finding your dream car! Come visit our Wexford dealership, and get the best price changes, credit approval, trade-in value and tax title, new offers on Kia vehicles, and compare all your cars side by side!


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November 4, 2022
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