3 Reasons Why You Should Work at Jim Shorkey in Wexford

Careers at Our Cranberry Township Car Dealership!

Are you looking for employment opportunities in the Cranberry, Wexford, or Pittsburgh area? The team here at Jim Shorkey Kia of Wexford would love to have you!  Our Wexford Kia dealership offers  many benefits and incentives to keep you happy and part of the Kia family. Below are 4 reasons why you should be a part of our Cranberry township kia car dealership family!

Many Departments For Many Talents!

Behind our successful KIA ales in Pittsburgh, there is a whole team of trusted staff that assists in every step. From financing a new KIA Telluride, test driving a vehicle in Wexford, to Cranberry Township  vehicle service - the staff at Jim Shorkey KIA Wexford assists in a smooth process. 



Employment opportunities are open in our service, sales, management, and finance departments. Whether you know how to change a muffler, or crunch some numbers, Jim Shorkey KIA Wexford can find a spot for you!

We Treat Our Staff Like Family

Our Wexford car dealership is family owned. Her at Jim Shorkey Cranberry car dealership, we value our hard working staff and appreciate the amazing effort they put into making our Wexford KIA dealership, the best in Cranberry Township. Regardless of department or title, we help one another out and all work together to give out Pittsburgh clients the best service possible. 

Careers in Wexford, Cranberry, and Surrounding Pittsburgh Areas

Located in Cranberry Township, our Wexford car dealership is in a perfect centralized Pittsburgh location. No matter what area of Pittsburgh you may be commuting from, our Kia dealership is easy to find, and well visited. Clients come fro all over the Cranberry Township and Pittsburgh areas just to receive service and sales from our Jim Shorkey KIA Wexford staff! 

Wexford Careers at a KIA Dealership Near Me

The team at Jim Shorkey Kia Wexford is like no other. Our highly skilled sales staff and finance experts are happy to assist customers through the entire car buying process. In addition, the top-quality service crew excel in fixing any repairs your vehicle may need. We are proud to serve the Pittsburgh area.

January 22, 2022
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